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Treat yourself like a client.

Guest Blogger Jean Roberts shares,

Treat yourself like a client. Invest in yourself.

Find a community that will make your strategy work their priority and celebrate your successes.

How often do you find yourself putting off the important work you need to do for your business?

For me, it’s a frequent occurrence where I’ll look at the clock and realize it’s the end of the day and I’ve once again focused all of my time on my clients and have put off strategy work for my own business. Recently, I’ve finally realized what type of growth is possible when I focus on strategy and I open myself up to the encouragement and advice of others.

Once a month I get to check in with an incredible community of entrepreneurs that Lauren has expertly connected. Knowing that I will report out on three simple things to a group of entrepreneurs I respect has given me the motivation I desperately needed to stop putting everyone else ahead of my own company.

The three questions we all answer are:

1. What did you accomplish since we last spoke?

2. What are your upcoming goals?

3. What hurdles are in your way or what problems are you trying to solve?

As we get to know each other better, there is more feedback on everyone’s story, encouragement, and suggestions to help with roadblocks. I receive emails weekly, messages of encouragement, resources, and advice built on a genuine care for my success. I am so excited when I see a win for each one of them and am grateful when they take the time to celebrate mine! There is power in that. Maybe it’s the reality of COVID-19 and how isolated we’ve been from each other. Or maybe there is power in community. I think it’s the latter.

What is that piece of accountability you need that will finally motivate you to really do the important strategy work? I would encourage you to find a few trusted advisors and connect with them once a month and discuss the three questions listed above. Map out a plan for 6 months and see what you can all accomplish, together!

About the Author: Jean Boen is the founder of J. Roberts Consulting and the Director of Annual Giving at The College of Wooster. She loves to tell stories. Whether that's using a digital platform, print, or a good old-fashioned conversation. Connect with Jean here.


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