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How to Catalyze Your Success Using a LifePlan™

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Guest Blogger Kadi Cole, RN, MS shares:

“I sense a big change coming, but I don’t know exactly what it will be or how to prepare.”

“I’m working a lot, but I’m not sure if I’m building the right long-term career.”

“How can I be really good at these parts of my life, but not so much at those?”

If you are asking these types of questions, you are not alone! They are the exact kinds of questions that bring people to my studio for a LifePlan™. We all hit roadblocks in life and business that, if we don’t unravel and deal with them, can leave us confused at best and defeated at worst.

A LifePlan™ is a holistic strategy session for your life and calling that addresses these types of roadblocks. In our high-speed, Western culture, we tend to think about problems in one-dimension: if it’s broken, fix it. And for many of us when we are young, this works wonderfully. Our lives are simple and often one-dimensional. But the more we grow and the more complex our lives become, those one-dimensional solutions don’t work very well. In a multi-dimensional life, as soon as you fix one thing it often breaks something else.

Take my friend, Sarah, as an example. She is a strong, intelligent, energetic business leader, mom, wife, daughter, friend, and many other roles that she proudly fulfills. She is used to figuring life out and making things work. Sure, she’s had some tough lessons and her fair share of humbling and heartbreaking experiences. But she’s always one to pull herself together and find a way through. That is, until life got so complicated that her normal smarts and energy just weren’t enough. As soon as she got her business going, her kids were suddenly struggling in school. Once she got them headed in the right direction, her body began to not cooperate with her like it used to. Her relationships were losing vibrancy. Her concerns and worries began to stack on top of each other. On the outside Sarah looked like she was juggling everything well. But on the inside, she knew something wasn’t right. But for the life of her, she could not figure out what it was or how to fix it.

By the time Sarah arrived for her LifePlan Retreat, she was a bit frazzled and beginning to wonder if she had somehow lost her way or her ability to navigate the basics of life. It wasn’t long before we uncovered the root issues and could see that she was actually headed in the right direction. She just needed some help integrating all her callings into a whole life, rather than a fragmented one. Once we had that settled, we were able to fine tune her time commitments, future career aspirations, and design a realistic action plan that moved her life forward, not just in exhausting circles. Here’s what she said when we were done.

“I’ve never felt so known and understood before. I came into this retreat with a deep fear that I had somehow failed or ruined my life. But Kadi helped me to see the opposite was true. God has been working through me even when I didn’t realize it. And now I know exactly what I am to do next. I cannot wait to get started!” – Sara, LifePlan™ Client

One of the ways a LifePlan™ catalyzes our life and business is by using the powers of perspective and integration. Over the two-day guided retreat, we take a deep dive into the areas of your life that are having the biggest challenge. My favorite tool to get started is called “The Four Helpful Lists.”

Take a moment and list out your answers to these questions for yourself.

1. What’s WORKING in my life?

What’s going well and what are you proud of? It might be your work-life, your relationship with your spouse or kids, your support network, your finances, or your physical wellness. Think of at least 2-3 things that are working for you right now, and list more if there are more!

2. What’s BROKEN right now?

No one’s life is all perfect. What’s not working for you? It could be a living situation, a relationship, or something that feels hopeless.

3. What’s CONFUSING?

What are you uncertain about? What are you trying to solve but can’t find the answer? Is there a person whose behavior is causing you to question yourself?

4. What’s MISSING?

What do you wish was in your life? Perhaps something you used to have and miss, or something new that you think would create a more fulfilling life.

Now take a look at your “Four Helpful Lists.” What do you see? Are there any surprises? Anything that you can take action on? Are there items that have been broken, confused, or missing for a long time? Could now be the time to make some changes?

LifePlans are also sacred. When we take the time to prioritize stewarding our life’s calling, God honors our effort by unlocking doors in our thinking, our relationships, and our opportunities. I’ve seen it again and again. There’s something about acknowledging that things are not where they need to be, and then taking the time, making the investment, and being open to what needs to change that allows God to move in our life and circumstances. Sometimes we just have to be willing to take the step.

As my mom used to say, “God can steer a moving car, but not a parked one.”

LifePlans™ are hands-down my favorite thing in my business (and I get to do a lot of fun stuff!) I invested in a LifePlan™ almost 10 years ago and it is still helping me move forward with confidence and clarity. That is why I love helping other people uncover their purpose and next steps – I know how life changing it is!

If you’d like to stop guessing and start living a life you love visit


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