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Creating Meaningful Moments

Guest Blogger Jean Boen shares:

How have you delighted your customers or donors lately? What personal touches are a part of their experience with your organization? No matter the size of your audience, sharing communication and content that resonates with each person individually moves your organization forward. Understanding your audience and what motivates them will help you connect on a deeper level - providing solutions that meet their exact needs and helping move them to action by making a purchase or gift (for our nonprofit friends). The ultimate goal is to develop your relationship continually, so they support your mission year over year.

How would you feel if after giving to a charity, you received a... (heartfelt letter/video/call from the benefactor)? Or after supporting a small business, you received a handwritten note with your purchase? Those small acts make a huge difference for the person receiving them. And the positive experience reinforces the person's decision to support the organization and will likely result in their ongoing support in the future.

How can you, as a small business owner or nonprofit leader, create meaningful moments for your population? We have a few tips to help you add delight for your audience!

Determine what will add delight for your community.

Think about the different individuals who make up your community. Why do they support you? How can you share with them the difference they make for your organization? Knowing who makes up your audience will help you decide how to add delight in the most impactful way.

Maybe a written note or having them be the first to hear about an important announcement or new product would make them feel special. Perhaps, it's simply sending a discount code thanking them for their loyal support. There are so many ways you could make their day!

Create systems to streamline your outreach.

We all know that writing takes time, which is why we feel special when we receive a handwritten note. Finding a way to provide personal touches while not consuming an excessive amount of your time is critical. Planning and implementing your strategy upfront will make it easier to meet your intention each time. You could explore using a smaller card size, pre-write specific components of your message, or simply create a written template that you follow for each note. Finding small tricks like these can help you save time and still allow you to make that personal touch.

Use tools to make connecting with your audience easier!

Email is a great tool to stay in touch with your group. Sending personalized communication can keep people updated on where your organization currently stands and what is on the horizon. Many email systems provide scheduling and automation options. Whether planning your next email or creating a communications campaign with multiple touch-points, using an email system can help you reach your audience and streamline your process.

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to schedule time in your day for this impactful work. It is easy to let your to-do list and the day's needs take all of your focus. Knowing you have time set aside for personal outreach ensures that you will actually do it.

Through your meaningful outreach, you will ensure your audience stays connected with you and your organization, and in turn, they will be more likely to purchase, donate, and tell their friends about your mission!

About the Author:

Jean Roberts leads J. Roberts Consulting, LLC where her team partners with StoryWork and Guardian Owl Digital Boutique for The Marketing Engine. Together, we help companies build their marketing strategy, target the right audience with an effective message, and drive revenue.


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