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Building a Community

Guest Blogger Kasey Moss shares:

Every once in a while, you stumble upon a brand that is doing more than just selling products. Think Patagonia, Siete or Toms. If you’re lucky enough, your career will lead you to work for one of these brands. My path has done just that. Marketing is often looked at as the ‘fun’ department, but it’s even better when you’re passionate about what you’re selling. Through my career so far, I’ve been lucky enough to work at Enjoy Life Foods and now serve as the Brand Director at Chomps. Through both journeys, I’ve learned how to build a community - not just a brand.

The Why

It’s important to sit back and reflect on the why. Why does your brand exist? What more can your brand be doing for your consumers than serving the need it’s intended to serve? Once you’re able to identify those key pieces, you can bring the brand, campaigns and your marketing to life through social, email, SMS, and the list goes on.

Follow Through

It’s important to follow through. What may start as a good idea, is only going to work if you embed it into your brand's everyday execution and messaging. Sure, not every idea is going to work, but you’ll never know what your consumers might resonate with until you try. Throw it all out there and see what sticks!

Ask & Listen

Sure, as marketers we can come up with amazing brand campaigns, slogans and ideas, but who is just as ingrained in the brand as you? Your loyal consumers. Make sure you’re asking them regularly what content they like to see and engage with. This can be done simply through surveys or quick Instagram polls. In addition to asking (which will make them feel more a part of your community), make sure you are listening. Are you reading and replying to every comment? Are you digesting what they’re sharing (the good and the bad)? Are you sharing with your internal team? These are all important factors to continue to build your brand. We shouldn’t be just talking to our consumer, but engaging with them.

Whether you are just starting on your journey of building your brand, or are years in, I challenge you to listen better, engage more and react with purpose to your consumer. Because without them, there’d be no you!


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