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You don't need marketing, you need to walk in your identity.

We don’t need marketing, we need you to walk in your identity as a person and as a company. Everyone is trying to capture you, but you don’t want to be captured, you want your life to be easier and you want to be delighted. And this doesn’t have to be big, this can mean the smallest, genuine

action as part of your process, the attention to detail that shows that you have taken the time to think, digest, and understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. That you want to serve them, and that is what “captures” customers. There’s a lot of hype these days around how to market yourself - but if the *strategy* is unique, the marketing and messaging comes. This is the core. Use your identity as your fuel. No one else would talk to their clients like you would, no one else would serve them how you do, or create something like you would offer, or partner with who you would partner with - marketing is now about walking in your identity as a person and as a company. People crave genuine these days, and in a world filled with distraction, genuine wins. 🙌


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