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The power of mega-batching.

One of the main challenges our entrepreneurs face is keeping up with content creation - it's such a required part of business now in our world. 🗒🖊 ⠀ People use social media channels, email blasts, podcasts, editorials and blog posts to develop trust with your brand and gain valuable insights that they can apply to their own lives. If they don't find it, they don't stay.⠀ But you may feel this constant urgency to get another post, another blog, another podcast's like operating inside of a pressure cooker - and there's a better way!⠀ Today we're highlighting a secret weapon to master the content creation cycle: MEGA BATCHING. It's creating large chunks of time devoted solely to outlining content for months at a time, all in one shot. I personally use this method, and it's allowed me to accomplish twice as much! Why? Because I have a content strategy outlined: 3 months ago I blocked out 2 hours one morning and created this framework. And now, once a week I devote 1 hour to adding in details under those key topics I've previously identified, and then it's ready to roll! ⠀ It's transformed the process for me, and brought back the joy of writing and creating, so the structure has actually created freedom for me (another important mindset shift!).⠀ Michael Hyatt is the king of Mega Batching, and in one of our favorite podcasts, Michael and Amy Porterfield share how mega batching has transformed Amy's Business. To listen:


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