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Team talk.

Today we’re talking about how to stay connected to your team. Because they are a large part of your fuel, if they aren’t connected to you and the larger purpose, they lose momentum, just like you do. And when they feel connected, they want to work harder for you because they see that you genuinely care about their progress. Here are 3 ways you can connect with your team:

  1. Schedule weekly reviews

  2. Set calendar reminders to connect one on one

  3. Schedule quarterly events to check in with team members

Questions for reflection today:

  1. As a team, where are you “filling in the holes” for your teammates with things that they should be doing that they’re not?

  2. Where are your “blind spots” as a leader and what can you do to work on them?

  3. What routines or tools can you put in place to help you become intentional about incorporating self reflection into your normal processes?

  4. If you’re able to execute on these things, how will it impact your team?


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