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Stop the sales pitches.

Do you find yourself immediately blocking out sales pitches because you’re so bombarded with content all day long that you don’t have the space to listen to one more thing (understandably)? ⠀ Our customers and clients feel the same way. ⠀ They crave authenticity, and they want to be reached right where they go everyday, hence the birth of delivering everything in our world right now!⠀ Are you making space for thinking through potential collaborations and how you might offer dual value in order to meet customers where they go everyday? ⠀ Ecosystem mapping is a tool that we use in The Strategy Masterclass, and its focus is all about reaching your customers in the places that they’re already going. ⠀ So take 5 today and think through:

1. Am I using a sales pitch to try to “capture” my customer’s attention that isn’t working?

2. How can I reach them where they already go everyday in a more natural way?


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