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If you don't have a word of mouth strategy, drop everything.

Did you know that 50-91% of all sales are influenced by word of mouth? 🤫 ⠀ WOW. That's a very very large percentage of sales, too large not to have a strategy for it. ⠀ In The Strategy Masterclass, that's why our Strategy Map starts with the "who" - the tools to get serious about who you're serving and how you can create those life giving moments we talked about earlier this week. ⠀

Cultivating word of mouth strategy starts with DELIGHTING the customer, and when that customer is delighted, they naturally spread the word. It isn't forced, and it spreads like wild fire. Jay Baer wrote a book called Talk Triggers - and highlights 4 critical things that your word of mouth strategy MUST have - check it out for more in how to cultivate your own word of mouth strategy.


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