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Identity based strategy.

StoryWork.⠀ The name came from a desire to help people put their stories to work. What's your story? What's your brand or company story? Do people know it, do they understand it? Does it translate into the way that you reach them, serve them, and market to them? ⠀ This is identity based strategy. Merging who you are with what you do.⠀ No one (that we know of) is translating identity into strategy, and there's such a need for it. When we understand our personal and/or company identity and how it translates to those we serve, it's rocket fuel.⠀ Take a few minutes today and start the process:⠀

1. How does who you are as a person shape your brand? ⠀ 2. What is unique about you or your brand, something that no one else has? (could be anything from a different product offering to a personality trait)⠀ 3. How can you incorporate this further into your strategy?


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