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How Can You Out Love Your Competitors?

What if we loved people first, and then worried about the rest?

Motives, then movement.

As consultants and agencies, what if we simply focused on helping people love people and make money doing what they love as the driving force behind our engagements?

The singular question of how we can help people outlove their competitors creates winning business models. Love isn’t fluffy, love means meeting real needs and solving real problems, love means discerning what people want and finding ways to give it to them.

There are layers of loving people peppered throughout business models.

The internal team: do they feel seen and heard, do they have the tools they need to make their daily lives easier? If they don’t, what is it that would remove their daily frustrations? Would they be delighted to know that you’re working on a solution?

The customer: do they know that you understand them, not just on a surface level, but specifically how you help make their daily life easier through your offering? Do they know that you’ve taken the time to understand them on a deeper level (user personas), where they go everyday and how you can meet them there (channel development through ecosystem mapping), and that you’ve thought through how you can make their life better through the detail of the experience you offer (journey mapping).

We hear a lot about a human centric approach and human centered design; we believe these are all just fancy terms for loving your customer more than all the others in your market.

Forget about competitors, forget about “the market”, what about just loving people? What about just literally walking a day in their shoes and feeling what they feel, and meeting and solving those needs and problems through what you offer? And then communicating it to them how you would want to be communicated with? It’s not rocket science, but it is hard to do.

Because to do it, you first have to feel, then you have to discern, then you have to simplify — and that’s why we’re here, we thrive walking through this journey with people and companies.


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