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The Answer to Removing Distractions.

Don’t we all feel constantly pulled in multiple directions? We sit down to do our work, and immediately get sidetracked this way and that, through a maze of emails, text messages, phone calls, social media notifications, and surrounding environment “noise” that can keep us from doing the deeper work that creates impact.

Introducing…..or reintroducing (if you’ve already heard of it), the Pomodoro Method.

It works like this:

  • Choose one thing you want to get done

  • Set any kind of timer for 25 minutes

  • Work on the task for 25 minutes straight (completely uninterrupted) until the timer goes off

  • Put a checkmark on a paper

  • Take a break that’s not work related (*be intentional about the types of breaks you take….social media doesn’t count - something away from the screen!)

  • Tackle your next “pomodoro”

Once you get into a rhythm of structuring your day via “pomodoros”, you can start to figure out how many uninterrupted blocks of 25 minutes you’ll need to complete your objectives, and you can also start to get really good at taking the right kind of “brain breaks” that maximize productivity.

People that use it: writers, lawyers, directors, students, parents, developers, managers, and leaders at any capacity - no one is excluded from putting this technique to work.

See more on the Pomodoro Technique.


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