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Defining Business Fuel.

Two years ago, the vision for StoryWork started coming together, and I’m just along for the ride. I’ve always had a desire to understand people and where they come from and how that impacts performance. How we are intentionally drives the quality of our external production, whether it’s playing a sport, raising kids, or building a company.

This concept of merging these two worlds became a way for me to help people become whole in order to make their vision whole.

A process of unloading and unpacking all the information on a large plate, putting it down on the table and moving the pieces around until they fit together. Helping leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and just people, move forward with excellence and intention.

So the point is, everyone’s “map” is constantly changing. And this is exactly how it should be, as we are led through life, let’s make it matter together. Let’s choose our steps with intention.

Let’s define our “stories” and our teams “stories” and make them matter.

Won’t you join me in coming together with a group that desires excellence, intention and refinement together to hit the “reset” button once a month, to stop everything else around you, block out the noise, and focus on what matters. We will learn from each other, “brush” up against one another, as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Consider it not only a business expense, but a personal expense to unlock freedom, spur creativity, gain clarity and come away with tangible solutions for improvement in both life and business every month.

Common Reasons Why you Wouldn’t do this:

  • My business can’t afford it: It’s just as much a personal expense, as a business expense, and way cheaper than individual coaching, consulting or therapy

  • I can’t commit to the specific time: The calls will all be recorded, so you won’t miss a thing, and just like you listen a podcast on demand, you can listen to this on a run, in your pj’s, or during lunch. You’ll also have access to a community page throughout the month and receive a follow up email throughout the month packed with content and summaries from the call.

  • Who is this really for? It’s not as much about “phase” of business as it is about who you are as a person, if you are a leader, creator, entrepreneur who has a constant desire to learn and create, always finds yourself wishing you had a group of like minded leaders and something that would make you slow down and get clarity amidst all the busyness, this is for you.

  • What are we going to talk about specifically? Find out more and join the waiting list here.


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